It's quite a challenge

3 locations

Prague, Brno, Ostrava

11 countries

we develop financial solutions for

16 time zones

we operate in

1000+ servers

running our business

800+ IT


20 data centres

around the World

About us

EmbedIT is a 100% Czech IT Centre that provides IT services including design and support to Home Credit Group and Air Bank (PPF Group). Our internally designed and developed applications serve over 45 million customers in 11 countries, including Russia and China. Production Services team manages 20 data centers worldwide with a volume of more than 200 million transactions per day produced in network of over 187 thousand points of sale, loan offices, branches and post offices. Our team of more than 800+ professionals is located in 3 Czech cities: Prague, Brno, and Ostrava.

EmbedIT systems worldwide now in 11 countries

  • 1997

    Czech Republic

    Point-of-sales loans, Credit cards, Car loans, Revolving loans, Cash loan

  • 1999


    Point-of-sales loans, Credit cards, Car loans, Revolving loans, Cash loans

  • 2002

    Russian Federation

    Point-of-sales loans, Credit cards, Debit cards, Revolving loans, Cash loans, Deposits, Current accounts

  • 2005


    Formed a joint venture with Sprint to provide financial services expertise

  • 2006


    Point-of-sales loans, Revolving loans, Cash loans, Deposits, Current accounts

  • 2007


    Guarantees for consumer loans, Point-of-sales loans, Cash loans

  • 2009


    Point-of-sales loans, Cash loans

  • 2012


    Point-of-sales loans

  • 2013

    Indonesia and Philippines

    Point-of-sales loans

  • 2016


    Teamed up with Sprint through a start-up joint venture to provide inclusive financing to customers

  • Today

    11 countries

    With over 200 000 000 transactions per day

Welcome to our technological paradise!

What we certainly don’t need to explain to future or even existing IT experts is that quality results can’t be achieved without quality and up-to-date innovative technology. So if you would rather keep improving and not be limited by outdated programs, with us you will feel like you really are in a genuine IT paradise!

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Our usual process life-cycle

  • Customers

    Individual companies in the Home Credit Group and Air Bank submit the IT request.

  • Architecture and Analysis

    Our architects define the standards, concepts and rules for sustainable system development in the Home Credit Group. Our analysts consult the requirements, evaluate their labour intensity, and work them out in the form of a design solution.

  • Project Management

    Responsible for managing all projects plans, budget, resources, service quality, customer care and proactive communication.

  • Developers

    Our team that develops the core financial system for the Home Credit Group and Air Bank. Their task is to create applications, development tools and upgrades.

  • Quality Assurance

    Prepare test plans and scenarios, carry out tests, report bugs, user documentation and, during user testing, they take the role of consultants or trainers.

  • Release, hooray!

  • Production Services

    Responsible for providing end-to-end support of production environments from hardware to application layer and for taking on services of new applications and infrastructure.

  • Customer support

    In close contact with our customers.

Our core values


Be entrepreneurial:

  • entrepreneurial
  • savvy / clever
  • risk optimizing

Be focused on results:

  • decision-making
  • flexible
  • fast

Be innovative:

  • passion to build
  • visionary
  • creative

Be fair:

  • trustworthy
  • fairness
  • respect



Khalid Husseini

Chief Information Officer
Mr. Husseini joined the Home Credit Group top management team from Accenture, where he was the partner responsible for the insurance and system integration business in Central Europe. During his sixteen-year professional career in international consultancy he has amassed considerable experience in the financial services industry. Mr. Husseini graduated from Charles University in Prague, earning his master’s degree in mathematics and physics.

Short stories from our employees

Martin Polak

Martin Polak

Application Support Technical Lead
I work in the Application Support Department for the collection system, which is part of the applications used in Home Credit Vietnam and the Czech bank Air Bank. I take care of Kazakhstan, India and Indonesia as well. My duty is to keep the application running, be in close contact with developers and clients and consult the new application features with them. I came to work at EmbedIT because it is an advanced Czech company operating in almost half of the world. I really enjoy getting to know new environments and new innovation technology. I have the opportunity to work on my career and improve my technical and business skills.
Lukáš Čamaj

Lukáš Čamaj

I love challenges. The decision to work for a large company was a challenge in itself, because I preferred to work for smaller companies. Lots of new things came up for me when I started; team changes, challenging customers, but who cares. I accepted the challenge, and I am really glad I did. I can learn lots of new things and keep improving my skills and personality every day. And whatever happens, I can always rely on my team, which I am proud to be part of. There are a lot of nationalities, athletes, bikers, paragliders, dancers and photographers, but together we are great friends, which makes for a very friendly and motivating environment here, despite the fact that we are a large company.

Career inspiration

Dušan Havelka

Dušan Havelka

Infrastructure Architecture Department Lead
Dusan joined Home Credit International a.s. over 10 years ago as Helpdesk Operator, before there was even thought of creating EmbedIT brand within the group. He thought of it as a very good opportunity to start his career. He held the position for almost 2 years, at which point he became the Unix System Administrator and his career really started to skyrocket from there. In 2010 he became Infrastructure Architect, later moved to position Technical Implementation Department Lead under newly established brand EmbedIT. Currently he works in position of Infrastructure Architecture Department Lead. He manages over 50 people and he is responsible for every production environment which EmbedIT operates. He likes the challenges that working in EmbedIT provide.
Matej Ducár

Matej Ducár

Project Manager
Matej has been working in EmbedIT for over two years now. As a Project Manager he had the opportunity to manage end-to-end delivery IT project of Home Credit Group entry to a new market – Philippines. After its successful launch, Matej participated in various project positions during release of our internal systems to India and Vietnam. Later he led program of new credit card implementation in Belarus. Currently he manages Home Credit Group collections project.

Interested in working with us?

We must admit that we are quite demanding. We don’t take on everyone and we are only interested in exceptionally talented, hardworking and motivated colleagues. The reason is simple; in order to further maintain our position on the list of the most attractive IT firms in the Czech Republic (and Central Europe), we need the best employees. On the other hand, if we take you on, you can be sure that you are among the top people – and also that you’ve got what it takes!